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Quote Martin Luther King:

“Our lives start to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”.
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Refugees magazine october 2019
Series about refugees in Jordan
Day against Human Trafficking 2019: supplement newspaper Trouw
Day Against Human Trafficking 2019 – Documentary
Children’s Rights Day 2019: supplement newspaper Trouw
Children’s Rights Day 2019 – Short film
SOS Children villages – 2019
Family Strengthening Programs
Refugees magazine – June 2019
7days-juni 2019
Publication Newspaper Trouw
Series about refugees Venezuela
Opzij – Microfinance
International Women’s Day 2019 – Supplement newspaper Trouw
International Women’s Day 2019 – Video
International Women’s Day 2019 – Singles
Trouw – Carnival
World Disability Day 2018 – Supplement newspaper TROUW
Opzij – Bewitched Business Model
World Refugee Day 2019 – supplement newspaper TROUW
World Refugee Day 2018 – supplement newspaper TROUW
Witches of Romania – Singles
World Refugee Day 2018 – Single Photos
Back to Marocco – Vrij Nederland
Exhibition Humanity House
Al Jazeera – Rapper Sister Fa
CAEDEN, a boy with autism
TROUW – zelfgekozen dood
Day against Human Trafficking – Video Modern Slavery
Guardian – Invisible Refugees
5 years of war in Syria – supplement newspaper TROUW
Children’s Rights Day 2015 – supplement newspaper TROUW
Kurdish women emancipate quickly
Al Jazeera – Single Mothers
SOS Children Villages 2018: supplement newspaper TROUW
World Refugee Day 2018: Video Promo Allemaal Wij
Faith, Hope and Leprosy
Self-chosen death
Al Jazeera – Sex Trade
World Refugee Day 2016: supplement newspaper TROUW
Al Jazeera – Roma
Day against Human Trafficking 2018: supplement newspaper TROUW
Day against Human Trafficking 2018: Survivors of Indonesia
Fab Mama Magazine 2016
Publications singles
Witches of Romania: publication
Yezidi women cared for in Germany
Al Jazeera – Refugees Macedonia
SOS Child Villages 2015: single photos
SOS Child Villages 2015: supplement newspaper TROUW
World Refugee Day 2016: Singles
Al Jazeera – Refugees Serbia
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