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Quote Martin Luther King:

“Our lives start to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”.
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Mainline december 2020
Parool juli 2020
Series about refugees in Jordan and Libanon
Brothers and sisters
Supplement Refugee Foundation Volkskrant
The Netherlands
Powerfull Youth in Overvecht-Noord
Refugees Magazine october 2020
Opzij Cover August 2020
Mainline magazine Corona and addiction
CARE Netherlands Supplement Trouw 2020
Lesbos, Moria
Het Parool. Moria Lesbos
Refugees magazine april 2020
Refugees magazine october 2019
Day against Human Trafficking 2019: supplement newspaper Trouw
Day Against Human Trafficking 2019 – Documentary
Children’s Rights Day 2019: supplement newspaper Trouw
Children’s Rights Day 2019 – Short film
SOS Children villages – 2019
Family Strengthening Programs
Refugees magazine – June 2019
7days-juni 2019
Publication Newspaper Trouw
Series about refugees Venezuela
Opzij – Microfinance
International Women’s Day 2019 – Supplement newspaper Trouw
International Women’s Day 2019 – Video
International Women’s Day 2019 – Singles
Trouw – Carnival
World Disability Day 2018 – Supplement newspaper TROUW
Opzij – Bewitched Business Model
World Refugee Day 2019 – supplement newspaper TROUW
World Refugee Day 2018 – supplement newspaper TROUW
Back to Marocco – Vrij Nederland
Exhibition Humanity House
Al Jazeera – Rapper Sister Fa
CAEDEN, a boy with autism
TROUW – zelfgekozen dood
Day against Human Trafficking – Video Modern Slavery
Guardian – Invisible Refugees
5 years of war in Syria – supplement newspaper TROUW
Children’s Rights Day 2015 – supplement newspaper TROUW
Kurdish women emancipate quickly
Al Jazeera – Single Mothers
SOS Children Villages 2018: supplement newspaper TROUW
Faith, Hope and Leprosy
Al Jazeera – Sex Trade
World Refugee Day 2016: supplement newspaper TROUW
Al Jazeera – Roma
Day against Human Trafficking 2018: supplement newspaper TROUW
Fab Mama Magazine 2016
Publications singles
Witches of Romania: publication
Yezidi women cared for in Germany
Al Jazeera – Refugees Macedonia
SOS Child Villages 2015: supplement newspaper TROUW
World Refugee Day 2016: Singles
Al Jazeera – Refugees Serbia
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